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Environmental Health and Safety Advisor Services


An Efficient, Cost-effective Solution to Health and Safety Support

When you're looking at £30,000 p.a. to employ an environmental health advisor, suddenly the options for complying with environmental health and safety regulations look daunting.

At RSA we were asked by many clients to provide a service that provides ongoing support for those who don't employ an environmental or safety professional, but also a service that can be used as a back-up by employers who already have in-house expertise.

Many organisations can't justify employing their own professional staff to guide them through the maze of legislation.


From as little as £8 per day

you could fulfill your statutory obligation by appointing RSA as your 'competent person'. The package includes:

  • consultancy and training days to be called upon as your need arises,
  • plus you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is unlimited access to competent help and guidance on our telephone advice line.


The great thing about the service is that the more days you take, the lower our daily rate becomes.

You may also have the personnel, but find that some projects are too time consuming or require the input of a specialist. The EHS Advisor Service helps companies overcome these pitfalls.


The Environmental Health and Safety Advisor Service

The EHS Advisor Service offers:

RSA designated as "competent person" to meet legislation
A resource to be called upon, as and when required
A number of days for consultancy or training built in
Access to unlimited telephone advice and support for no extra charge
15% Discounts off standard rates on additional work undertaken by RSA over the contractual allocation
Priority response
Quarterly legal briefing newsletter
Annual fee spread over quarterly payments


Helping you Meet the Law

Legislation requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in health and safety management. We are a resource to be called upon, as and when required, and you are entitled to designate us as your "competent person".


The Basic Package

Each contract is for an initial period, usually two years, with a number of contracted days built in. These can be used for all aspects of health, safety, food hygiene consultancy and training. An extra important benefit is access to unlimited telephone advice and support during the life of the contract for no extra charge.

The cost of the basic package includes an agreed number of days of our time each year, and can be expanded to cover as many days as you wish. The advantage of structuring the agreement in this way is that your invoices are payable by quarterly instalments, assisting with your cash flow. This pricing arrangement means that the cost is spread over a whole year, even if the time allocation is used immediately.

Our clients who use this service are made top priority.

Discounts are automatically given for any additional work that may be required, and this is charged as it arises.

Joining the Service

If you would like to find out more about joining EHS Advisor Service please contact us:


Tel: 01933 626444

Email: > Enquiries

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